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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pink and Navy Baby Shower

We happened to buy our house just down the street from our friends, and she and I have been pregnant together! It has been so great. We recently had her baby shower at our house. I am so happy we own a home now and have some more space for parties. :)

The colors in Jessica's girls' room are navy and pink, so we decorated the shower accordingly. 

Her children are all adorable and so sweet. :)

I shared the tutorial for these cake stands here. I used this sugar cookie recipe with this royal icing

I love the look of giant paper flowers, but had never tried them before. I used this tutorial for these! They were so fun to make. 

So many people brought great food! I used cement blocks covered in fabric to elevate our drink dispenser. ;)

These diaper notes everyone wrote were awesome! I am so not witty, but all the ladies came up with great ones.

For the dress banners, I used the same tutorial I shared here. I just used a larger square of paper for each dress. 

Magdalene means "tower", so I love what her full name means together!

It was so fun to celebrate with Jessica, and last week meet her little Magdalene. She is such a doll! I can't wait for our little girls to be friends. :)

Friday, June 10, 2016

How To: Jewelry Cake Stands

Recently the jewelry box I've had forever broke! I love to see all the pretty pieces and do not prefer to dig for a matching set of earrings, so I decided to try something different. I started displaying my jewelry on cake stands! This way, I can find what I'm looking for easily, and they serve as a decor in our bedroom as well. 

I couldn't find cake stands I loved, so I made a set. There are so few steps to doing this, and the cost was less than $25 for the entire trio!

You will need:
2 Salad Plates (I used these Pioneer Woman Plates)
1 Dinner Plate (I used this Pioneer Woman Plate)
2 Short Candle Holders (I used Milk Glass from Goodwill)
1 Tall Candle Holder (Milk Glass from Goodwill)
Gorilla Glue
Heavy Books for weight

1. Clean all your candle holders and plates, and towel dry. 

2. Flip over one plate and apply gorilla glue in the center of the plate. Gorilla Glue expands, so you only need a circle slightly smaller than the top of the candle holder. 

 3. Carefully press candle holder upside down onto pool of glue. Hold in place for a few moments. Place a heavy book or two on top of the candle holder and allow cake stand to dry. Be sure to follow Gorilla Glue instructions on the bottle. 

Note: As tempting as it may seem if the glue looks dry, do not flip the cake stand over right side up until you have set to dry according to glue instructions. If you flip the stand over too early, glue will drip down the sides of the candle holder and does not come off!

4. Repeat with the other two plates and candle holders. Once all glue is completely dry, flip over, and you have beautiful cake stands!

Set up your stands on a dresser or vanity, and arrange your jewelry as you wish! 

I found this adorable ring dish at Anthropologie, and it coordinates perfectly! My longer, larger necklaces are hung on hooks on the wall. 

I love how my little jewelry set up looks in the room, and everything is organized and easy to find!
How do you organize your jewelry?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mother's Day Cards

Can you believe we are already over half way through April?! Time is flying, but I love this spring time of year. 

Mother's Day is three weeks away, so now is the time to order a special gift to show the mothers in your life your appreciation. We have two new Mother's Day card designs available in our Etsy Shop! Each card is and original hand painted water color design. 

Order this week to receive your card in time to give on Mother's Day! Visit the shop here.

Be sure to browse the rest of the shop for gift ideas such as an Heirloom Recipe Painting, Proverbs 31 Painting, or Personalized Sign!