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Monday, April 27, 2015

How To: Corduroy Elbow Patches

I am so happy that Spring is here! We had a very mild winter, so I can't complain, but all the blooms and green growing has me ready for summer weather. We are still having chilly mornings and rainy days..even a little snow, so I haven't put away all my long sleeves yet!

I love the detail of corduroy elbow patches, and have been eyeing a few sweaters with them all winter long. I never wanted to put up the dollars for any of them, so I picked up an inexpensive long sleeve at Costco, and decided to add my own detail for a comfy "go to" on brisk mornings. 

The patches were simple to iron on. I added a button stitch for extra security, but they adhered pretty well without the stitching too!

You will need:
Long plain long sleeve shirt or sweater
1/8 yard of Corduroy fabric
1/8 yard of Fusible bonding web
Scratch paper
Stick pins
Ironing Board
Hot pad

1. On a sheet of scratch or grid line paper, draw out your patch. Mine was a 3x4" heart. I folded my paper down the center of the heart before I cut it out to ensure that it was symmetrical. Cut out 2 identical patch patterns. 

2. Use your pattern to cut out 2 patches out of your corduroy. Cut out 2 identical pieces from your bonding web as well. 

3. Place your pattern where desired on your shirt sleeves while one a flat surface. Using pins, attach the patterns to the sleeves. Be careful to only pine the patterns to the back of the sleeves, not all the way through to the front. Try your sweater on to ensure that the patterns are even on both sleeves and that your elbows hit exactly in the center of the patches. Adjust as necessary. You may need the help of a friend to eyeball the spacing while you try the sweater on. 

4. Once the patterns are pinned exactly where desired, lay the sweater flat on your ironing board. Place a folded hot pad inside the sleeve under the patch to avoid the bonding web bonding the sleeve shut. 

5. Carefully remove the pins from your pattern without moving the pattern's location. Line up your bonding web and patch. Place down on desired location while simultaneously sliding out the pattern from under the patch. 

6. Iron your patch on according to your bonding web's instructions. Repeat on the other sleeve of your sweater. 

7. Add a stitch around the edges of your elbow patches if desired. Otherwise, you're done!

Friday, February 13, 2015

How To: XO Earrings

I've had my eye out for a pair of  "XO" earrings for Valentine's day, but haven't seen any, so I decided to make some. :) 

You will need:
Gold Spray Paint
Glossy Sealant
1 package 1" wooden X's
1 package 1" wooden O's
1 package earring backings
Hot Glue Gun

1. For a pair of earrings, you will need  1 X and 1 O. I found packs of 4 in the wood section of Joann Fabrics. Spray paint both sides of your letters with at least 2 coats on each side. Let dry in between coats. 

After the spray paint dries, add a coat of glossy sealer to add some shine!

2. Once your letters dry, its time to glue your backings on. Choose which side you'd like to be the front, and turn the letters over. Use a dot of hot glue to secure one backing to each. Add your backing to the top of the letters in a spot that will not show through to the other side. Be sure your glue is very hot, or the backing will peel off easily. After your glue dries, you are done! 

These also make a great little gift for your girlfriends!

I am excited to dress up for a lunch date on Saturday! We are going to try and avoid the dinner rush ;) Do you have big plans??

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How To: Valentine Envelope Garland

I just can't get enough of sweet valentine decorations and details! No wonder, since my favorite colors are pink and red. :)

This envelope garland was so simple to whip up on a crafty afternoon with friends! I am loving it on our brick wall in the living room. 

You will need:
8 Sheets of scrapbook paper
paper cutter or scissors
glue dots, photo squares, or double sided tape
16 buttons
hot glue gun

1. Cut your scrapbook papers into 4.25x4.25 inch squares. I used 2 squares of each colors for a total of 16 squares. 

2. Lay your first square down diagonally with the colored side facing down. Fold the 2 side points in equal amounts to create straight edges on either side. My straight edges measure approximately 2.5" each. 

3. Fold the bottom point up lining the fold with the bottom of the side folds. 

4. To secure your folds, add a few glue dots, photo squares, or double sided tape under the flaps. Note: This will cause the flaps to adhere to the back of the envelope making it unusable and decorative only. If you hope slide a note in your envelopes, only secure the very edges of the flaps to each other, not to the back. 

5. Fold the top point down.

6. Use hot glue and a button to seal your envelope shut. 

6. Once all your envelopes are dry, thread them in a desired pattern through your twine. Leave plenty of excess twine on either side to tie your garland up. I created 2 garlands each with 8 envelopes. My bottom garland was slightly longer than the top. 

That's all there is to it! A festive little love note garland in minutes. How do you decorate for Valentine's day?