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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Craft Fair

This weekend, I participated in the Fall Craft Fair hosted by Unique Boutiques and Marketplace! 

It was FREEZING in the morning, but turned out to be a beautiful day! My favorite part was putting together a set up for my table. 

Once everything was set up, I sat there and drew more cards...

gave out lots of business cards....

and even sold some artwork!

I had a chance to browse around at all the booths and sneak some Christmas shopping in too. ;)

Thanks to my wonderful mom for helping and hanging out with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things: School

Student teaching has been great! The 1st grade class makes each day fun, exciting and unpredictable! I just love seeing all my students everyday, and I am learning tons!  Student teaching is helping me grow as a teacher in many ways that sitting a college classroom could never do. I just finished my second week of teaching every subject on my own. I am loving it :)

A few things that make me smile....

1. My first gift from a student.

This cookie was adorable AND didn't contain any of my forbidden allergens! 
Delicious :)

2. Being Ms. Parsons

Another sweet gift from a student :) I am thrilled to hear my students call me Ms. Parsons. It makes it all the more real that I made it through all my college classes to this point--I am actually teaching these children!

Last week, few of my students found the idea that I have a first name most interesting and hard to wrap their minds around :)

3. Turtles.

For an art activity, the students made their favorite animals from play-dough. I sculpted a turtle and suddenly there were 16 more turtles to join him!

This sight made me smile. One day after everyone turned in their finished artwork. :)

4. These little ones.

By far the best thing about student teaching has been to watch each child grow and learn. I love each of their personalities and the way their little minds think! They teach me so much :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Long Skirts, Perfect for Fall!

I ADORE dressing up! I'd love to wear skirts and dresses to school...but, between tying shoes, reaching down to those tiny little desks, and sitting criss-cross apple sauce, pencil skirts just aren't working out for me!

I found my solution...
My new favorite fall fashion is long skirts! 

Floor length skirts and maxi dresses are so comfortable...

You can do ANYTHING in them....
And I have landed some amazingly cheap finds!

 Definitely ready for October!