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Monday, July 18, 2016

Ladies Night Out Art Class

This month I had the opportunity to host and teach my first Ladies Night Out Art Class! I teach Elementary art classes and private art lessons throughout the school year. Some friends have mentioned that they would love to learn more about how I do some of my work, so I thought it would be fun to try an adult class as well! 

We had a awesome time! I am so happy we had such a great turn out. I held the class on a Friday evening in my home. We did two art projects that touched on two different art skills. There was also plenty of eating and chatting, so basically it was a party. ;)

Each lady had a seat set up with all her supplies and marked with a personalized watercolor journal. Upon arriving, everyone found their seats and started visiting and eating. 

The first project we worked on was a marbled watercolor State painting. Each person let me know which State, or Country she wanted to paint beforehand while signing up for the class. I had each State/Country printed out and included in the materials. I loved seeing all the different places each lady chose that means something to her. It was awesome to see all the different color schemes that were chosen. 

These all turned out beautiful!

The second project was a personalized wooden sign featuring each lady's take on modern calligraphy.  Each seat included a guide with the alphabet and a sheet to practice writing the last name. The ladies also chose the color wood they preferred upon signing up for the class. This is one of my favorite projects! I loved the creativity each person had, and how some wrote something completely different than their names!

Each attendee went home with a bag that included one of our "thank you" cards, chocolate, her watercolor journal, and the hardware to hang her wooden sign at home. We also had a drawing giving away 3 of our graphic phrase pencil bags full of more goodies. ;)

I loved having this class and the opportunity to be creative with so many amazing ladies! I am excited to host another class in the Fall. To follow along with the Ladies Night Art Classes on Instagram, check out #lnoartclass. Be sure to tag #lnoartclass in any photos you share from the night!

What art skills would you like to take a class on?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY Floral Initial Class

A few ladies at a sister church in our town asked me to do a DIY class with them for Mother's Day. My favorite Mother's Day project is the Floral Initial I shared here, so that is what we made in the class. We had a great time and each initial came out beautiful! I love seeing the individual styles each initial had even though everyone picked from the same flower bar. :)

Each person received a card outlining how many of each size flower they would need, then they chose the assortment themselves!

The color combinations everyone came up with were lovely!


I ended up making an "I" to give as a gift. :)

This was such a sweet group of ladies. I'm so glad they invited me, I had so much fun!
You can check out the Floral Initial tutorial here.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Paper Dress Garland

I love beautifully decorated parties and special occasions, but my favorite decorations are those that can be used after the party in your home to remember the special time. We have a lot of keepsakes from our wedding around the house, and I love some of the special little touches from our baby shower that I was able to add to the nursery. 

When I was planning the decor for my friend's baby shower recently, this was my goal. I wanted her to be able to take something from the celebration as a keepsake from the day. I made a garland of paper dresses for the shower. 

Dresses come in so many colors with beautiful details, and it always makes us feel special to dress up. I was inspired by the loveliness of dresses, and continued to create banners of them in different colors to spread more of the pretty around!

I just want my size dress in each pattern. :)

Which color is your favorite? I think I love the yellow best. They are perfect for a little girl's birthday party, baby shower, or bridal shower. These garlands are now available in our Etsy shop