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Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY Floral Initial Class

A few ladies at a sister church in our town asked me to do a DIY class with them for Mother's Day. My favorite Mother's Day project is the Floral Initial I shared here, so that is what we made in the class. We had a great time and each initial came out beautiful! I love seeing the individual styles each initial had even though everyone picked from the same flower bar. :)

Each person received a card outlining how many of each size flower they would need, then they chose the assortment themselves!

The color combinations everyone came up with were lovely!


I ended up making an "I" to give as a gift. :)

This was such a sweet group of ladies. I'm so glad they invited me, I had so much fun!
You can check out the Floral Initial tutorial here.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Guest Room Update and DIY Luggage Rack Makeover

Since we moved into our new house, we haven't added much to our guest room. However, with the baby coming soon, we are expecting some friends and family to visit, so we started working on it! 

The theme and colors for the room will be centered around this gorgeous comforter I received as a gift. I love it! The newest addition to the room is a luggage rack for guests to use. I found one at a yard sale for 50 cents, but they can also be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. They typically aren't very pretty, so I gave this one a make over to fit into the room. 

You will need:
Wooden Luggage Rack
Spray Paint (I used an entire can of Krylon Ivory Gloss)
1-2 yards Thick Jute Ribbon (I used this one from Joann's in red. If you go into the store, they sell it by the yard).
Staple Remover or Flat head Screw driver
Staple gun and Staples
Fabric Scissors

1. Carefully remove the original straps from the rack by pulling out the staples with a staple remover or flat head screwdriver. 

2. Open up the luggage rack and place on a tarp or cardboard in a well ventilated area. Spray paint the entire surface of the wood. This will take several coats. Make sure you cover all angles. 

3. Using the original straps as a pattern, cut new straps from the jute ribbon to be the same length. I decided to only add 2 straps since my ribbon was so wide. If yours is thinner like the original straps, cut out 4 pieces. 

4. Once the paint on the rack is dried, lay the straps down and place the luggage rack face down on top of them. Open the rack to about 15.5" wide. Position the straps where you want them to be. You will need approximately 1.5" extra ribbon on either side of the wood to staple down. 

5. Fold one end of the ribbon over the wood and while holding it in place, carefully staple it down. I used 4 staples to secure the strap. Repeat on the other side of the rack. Be sure to pull the ribbon over tight so the strap is taut when stapled down. Repeat with other strap (or straps if you have 4).

6. Flip the luggage rack over and you should be able to open and close it easily. The straps should be taut and keep the rack open when spread apart. 

I love how this little face lift turned out! The rack fits into the room much better now. I know it will come in handy so our guests don't have to rummage through their suitcase on the floor. :) I can't wait to add more to the room. We just bought a night stand I am refinishing this week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Emergency Chocolate with Free Download

Last week my little sister started college! Yes, I already sent her a care package because its her birthday week and finishing your first week of classes definitely calls for chocolate. ;)

The package  included a stash of "Emergency Chocolate" for those days when nothing else will do. These labels are easy to add to chocolate bars to give to anyone who needs a pile of go-to chocolate. Free downloadable label is available below!

You will need:
Standard Size Chocolate Bars (I used Hershey's)
Various Colors of 8.5x11" Scrapbook Paper
Clear Tape
Paper Cutter or Scissors

1. Remove the regular printer paper from your printer tray and replace with your scrapbook paper colored side down. 

2. Print downloadable image below in black ink in size 5x7". When prompted, change the print settings to allow 2 per page.

3. Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut the paper to separate the two images. I also cut 1" of excess paper off the bottom and top of each label. 

4. Place paper face down and position the chocolate bar face down in the center of the paper. 

5. Fold up the bottom third of the paper and attach it to the chocolate bar with a small piece of tape. 

6. Fold down the top third of paper and add a piece of tape to secure it. 

7. That's it! Repeat with as many candy bars as you think your recipient needs in his or her stash. ;)

I kind of think everyone I know could use a supply of chocolate--for emergencies of course! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To: Origami Dress Necklace

Once I learned how to make Oragami dresses from scrapbook paper, I was hooked! They are so sweet, I just want to wear them. :) 

I started out by making a dress necklace for a friend's little girl on her birthday. Then I made one for myself, now I'm making them in all the colors and patterns in sight!

You will need:
1 Sheet Scrapbook Paper
Jewelry Wire
1 Split Ring
25" Necklace Chain with Findings
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue
Tape Measure or Ruler
Clear Gloss Sealer

1. Cut out two 2" squares of scrapbook paper. Make sure your paper is thin and not cardstock. Also, a small pattern works best since the dress will be so tiny. :)

2. Follow the instructions in this tutorial from Inklings & Yarns to create an origami dress from one square. 

3. With the remaining square patterned side down, trace the dress outline onto it. 

4. Cut out the dress outline. 

5. Snip a 3" piece of jewelry wire. Feed it through the split ring and tie a knot. 

6. With the 2 ends of the wire together, hot glue the ring to back of the dress. Allow the ring to pop out the top of the dress. 

7. Glue the dress backing you cut out to the dress to cover the ring and wire. I used Modge Podge to make sure the backing was sealed right to the edges of the dress. 

8. When you flip the dress over, if any white from the backing shows, trim it off. 

9. Place the dress charm on a piece of cardboard or newspaper and spray it with glossy sealer in a well ventilated area. I gave mine 2 coats front and back. 

10. Feed your dress charm through a chain and its ready to wear!

Wes and I have made a habit of going on mid day dates during the week because of his work schedule. Lately they have involved a sugar fix and outdoors. Since we are saving for some big things like a HOUSE, we try to think of things to do for free or little money. :) 

This week, Sprouts had these pretty bottles of sparkling lemonade for $2.99. Donuts and lemonade make a pretty good time!