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Monday, October 2, 2017

Fall Family Photos

We were so excited to have our first professional photos taken as a family of 3 this fall! Wes drove up the canyon in our town to look for spot to do the photos. I LOVE the place he chose. We had to do a little hiking and got our feet wet, but it was so fun! We love that our photographer Misty D Photography was all for the little adventure. 

We adore how the photos came out! We will always treasure these. I love having Joslynne's expressions captured at this stage!

I've been eyeing this lace accent top from PinkBlush for a while. The lace detail on the maternity dress I wore for our maternity photos got me hooked! The ivory color is perfect to wear for any season, I love how it worked with gold and denim for a Fall vibe. 

Thank you Misty D Photography for these precious memories! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

GUEST POST: 7 Tips Photographers Wish Clients Knew

Hi!  My name is Elissa Egan and I have been dabbling in photography for the last year and a half. Pictured below is me, my husband and my sweet baby girl. I thought I would share the perspective of the photographer - client relationship to help make the shooting process easier. 
(our family photo below credit: Abigail Whigham)

Tip #1 Use a photographer you feel comfortable with. 
We know there are tons of personalities and different personalized styles. You don't have to be best friends but it will definitely make the shoot easier if you and your photographer can laugh and chat between shots and make the photos seem a lot more relaxed and less posed. 

Tip #2 Make sure you know the style the photographer shoots and you like their previous work. Don't expect a photographer that has a grungy vibe to shoot bright whimsical family photos - most photographers see their work as art so they use it as a medium to express themselves (similar to a painter.) Yes, we want to keep the client happy - but we also want to be appreciated for our creative eye. 

Tip #3 If you have kids, help the photographer get them engaged in the shoot. Usually the photographer will bring an "eye-catcher" to help the kids look at the camera. I have taken balloons, toys that make noise, bright objects for babies to look at to shoots. It's good to make family shoots like a game and really enjoyable for the kids so you can capture sweet moments of laughter and joy in the photos. 

Tip #4 Don't be afraid to communicate your ideas with the photographer. Personally, I love knowing the ideas the family or parents have for the shoot. I like to help you capture special moments that you want to keep forever. If you have a pose idea or props you want to use - that's great! I like when the family is involved in the creative process. 

Tip #5 Trust the photographer when they pose you. We try to make our clients as comfortable as possible but sometimes there are some poses that feel awkward. Trust your photographer when they have a specific pose for you to do - it will translate beautifully in the photo!

Tip #6 Be patient after the shoot to receive your photos. Editing takes time. It's easy for me to over edit if I feel rushed or miss some important things if the client has an unexpected deadline. It is good for photographers to take breaks between editing so they can have a fresh eye on the photos and I guarantee you the photos will be much more beautiful. 

Tip #7 Remember this is business - not a hobby! Don't expect free shoots from friends and family. If the photographer is generous with their rate, offer them a "gift". I've given a shoot for a fraction of the price and my clients have always been sweet enough to make us dinner, or give me something for free. I,  personally, don't mind trading things like that for a shoot. But just be sure that you are professional in ALL aspects of payment. 

Follow along with Elissa and her find more of her gorgeous photos on Instagram

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Perfect Pocketed Maxi Dress

If you saw our maternity photos, you already know that PinkBlush was my go-to for cute, comfortable maternity clothes during my pregnancy. 

I also love their non maternity clothes as well! They carry the perfect maxi dresses. I feel like they are so flattering whether you're sporting a baby bump or not. :) This dress is gorgeous, light weight, and comfortable in the summer heat, and it has pockets! What more could you ask for?!

I love the print and color of this one. I also love how its sleeveless but still easy to wear. Its perfect for a more casual BBQ, or can be dressed up for a wedding!

Maxi Dress, Sandals, Earrings

I love these photos with Joslynne! She is wearing a romper I found at my parent's house that was mine as a baby. :)