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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Farmer's Market

I have always loved farmer's markets, mostly because they are full of pretty flowers and produce, but we have also started to take advantage of them for much of our produce shopping in the summer.

 I love good quality produce and don't always find the grocery store options impressive. We have found amazing fruit and vegetables at the Salt Lake City farmer's market, and we even save money! Prices are cheaper or comparable to normal produce in the grocery store, and these are for organic products! The music, samples, food trucks, and outdoor fun are bonuses we love as well. :)

I have found a system for Farmer's market shopping that works well for us, so I wanted to share a few of my tips for getting the most out of your trip.

Know your local market's schedule: Some farmer's markets are open biweekly while other's are set up every week. Find out your local schedule. Also, some are open all summer and fall, so you might be able to take advantage of fresh produce even into October! (Pumpkins!!)

Know what is in season: I like to know what fruits and veggies are in season each month so I can be sure to pick up our favorites while they're available and don't miss them. For example, we loaded up on cherries the last few weeks in June while they are the best since we know the season will end soon! 

Make a list: Making a list based on your grocery list and/or meal plan for the next week helps to keep you from forgetting something you need and from buying more than you need. It also helps to have a direction, so you don't feel overwhelmed or scattered as you check out all the vendors. I like to give myself one splurge purchase that might not be on the list, but looks great!

Shop before you buy: Take a survey trip through the market checking out prices, what's available, and  trying samples before purchasing your items. After I've scouted out the options, I go back to only the vendors I want to buy from. Nothing's worse than making a purchase only to find something you like better or is cheaper at the next stop! 

Come prepared: some vendors do not provide bags, or only have small ones, so bringing your own shopping bag is helpful. I like to use this canvas "Homegrown" tote that is available in our shop! If I need more space or have heavier items, the bottom our our stroller has extra storage. ;)

Since we drive a little ways to the city for the market, we often have other stops for the day. Keeping a cooler in the car will keep your produce fresh! I also like to have jar of water for blooms on the car ride home.

Treat yourself: We always leave room in the budget to grab something from the food trucks at our market after we shop! We love getting pizza, limeade, or pastries. We take our food and sit in the park for lunch before we leave the market. :)

Josy comes for the cherries! ;)

Shop our Homegrown tote bag here!

If you have any other favorite tips, please share! Also, what is your favorite summer food? 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Heirloom Recipe Paintings

One of our favorite gifts in the shop is our Heirloom Recipe Painting! We first posted about them here. We receive a lot of questions like how longer recipes will look, or what the illustrations will look like, so we decided to share a few of our favorites with you. :) 

We love these because they are so personal and its fun to see which recipes have a special meaning to different families! Plus, they always make me hungry. ;)

Heirloom Recipe Paintings are available in our shop! Click here to visit. What's your family's special recipe?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Personalized Child's Step Stools

One of our favorite custom items available in our Etsy shop are our Child's Stepstools. These started out with a gift we made for our nephew, then one for our little girl! We started making them for others, and love it. Creating gifts is just so fun! 

These handpainted stools are completely customizable! You can choose the name, font, and base color. We love that this is not only something our little girl will use as a child and can act as decor, but it is also a keepsake she can have forever! 

I love seeing all the different names on each order! They are all so cute. If you need help coming up with a name for your next child, let me know, I have a running list now! Haha :)

We love to see our artwork in their new homes, so tag us with #jotsbyjacqueline in any photos you share!

You can find the stools in our Etsy shop! Let us know, which color is your favorite?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ladies Night Out Art Class

This month I had the opportunity to host and teach my first Ladies Night Out Art Class! I teach Elementary art classes and private art lessons throughout the school year. Some friends have mentioned that they would love to learn more about how I do some of my work, so I thought it would be fun to try an adult class as well! 

We had a awesome time! I am so happy we had such a great turn out. I held the class on a Friday evening in my home. We did two art projects that touched on two different art skills. There was also plenty of eating and chatting, so basically it was a party. ;)

Each lady had a seat set up with all her supplies and marked with a personalized watercolor journal. Upon arriving, everyone found their seats and started visiting and eating. 

The first project we worked on was a marbled watercolor State painting. Each person let me know which State, or Country she wanted to paint beforehand while signing up for the class. I had each State/Country printed out and included in the materials. I loved seeing all the different places each lady chose that means something to her. It was awesome to see all the different color schemes that were chosen. 

These all turned out beautiful!

The second project was a personalized wooden sign featuring each lady's take on modern calligraphy.  Each seat included a guide with the alphabet and a sheet to practice writing the last name. The ladies also chose the color wood they preferred upon signing up for the class. This is one of my favorite projects! I loved the creativity each person had, and how some wrote something completely different than their names!

Each attendee went home with a bag that included one of our "thank you" cards, chocolate, her watercolor journal, and the hardware to hang her wooden sign at home. We also had a drawing giving away 3 of our graphic phrase pencil bags full of more goodies. ;)

I loved having this class and the opportunity to be creative with so many amazing ladies! I am excited to host another class in the Fall. To follow along with the Ladies Night Art Classes on Instagram, check out #lnoartclass. Be sure to tag #lnoartclass in any photos you share from the night!

What art skills would you like to take a class on?