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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

7 Ways to Save Up for Your Young Living Starter Kit

It's no secret that we use and love Young Living for all our personal care, beauty, baby, and cleaning products! The best way to get your hands on Young Living is to become a member. The amazing thing is that there are no membership fees! All you have to do is purchase one of Young Living's starter kits, and you automatically get 24% off every order, forever. Many companies require you to pay a membership fee upfront, and yearly just to maintain it, and you haven't even purchased anything to use yet!

So, the starter kit. It's an upfront investment, but it's priced at over 50% off it's value, and includes 12 Young Living's favorite and most versatile oils and more. We seriously use the starter kit daily. It is the single most life changing purchase I've ever made. So, you get the point, it is well worth the $165.

I saved up for my starter kit, and I know many of my friends are doing the same right now! I just wanted to share some ideas to save up! I did a few of these to earn enough for my starter kit, and others I have done or am doing to pay for our Essential Rewards box each month!

1. Sell stuff that is collecting dust on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist

It's so nice that you can sell used items locally on Facebook! It's such an easy way to earn back some of what you paid for high quality or gently used items you just aren't using anymore! Especially baby items! I have found so many pieces of furniture, baby carriers, and more online that were like new. I have sold some things as well, and it's just such an easy way to make some cash! If you live in the West, and have access to KSL, that's my favorite!

2. Marie Kondo your garage and have a yard sale

I have been going through each section of our house regularly over the last year and a half to purge when we don't use. It frees us up so much to make sure we aren't accumulating clutter. Some stuff may seem like junk, but you never know if someone might want it for the right price. We had a yard sale in the early summer, and made quite a bit. Especially for stuff we were just going to throw away.

We added a lemonade stand with cookies, to lure customers in! ;)

3. Download the Ibotta app and earn cash back on grocery trips and online purchases

Ibotta has been such a huge help for us. I've yearned enough for a starter kit 3 times over on this app alone.

For grocery trips, all we do is check the available offers before heading to the store. We also check for bonuses! We get cash back on several items we are buying anyways, and when you hit a bonus, it is more cash on top of that!

BONUS TIP: You can now pay with Ibotta at places like Walmart and Home Depot for 1% back on every purchase. That's earning money just for opening an app and having the cashier scan it!

We also use Ibotta for online purchases! I just open Ibotta to direct me to places like Amazon or Old Navy and earn cash back just for opening an app when I shop!

4. Sell handmade products or services

Have a special talent? Make a stash of products and sell them on Etsy. Etsy is so easy to use and it's nice because the perfect audience looking for what you have sell comes to the site on their own, so no advertising necessary! :) So if you draw, paint, craft, sew, knit, crochet, make jewelry, woodwork, etc, Etsy may be worth a try!

Or, you can offer babysitting, cleaning, or tutoring services to friends and neighbors!

5. Lower Your Food Bill

Pocket cash you normally spend on food by buying in bulk, shopping your pantry, or giving up drink stops for coffee or soda for the month.  I recently wrote a blog post with 14 simple ways we've saved money on food, you can find that here.

6. Host a Class

One of the best ways to learn more about Young Living and natural living is to host a make and take class. We have a class at your house, I teach it, you invite your friends and family, and earn money towards Young Living! This would also allow you to see, feel, smell, and try some of the products. If you are local to me, (or in the Raleigh, North Carolina area) ;) and would like to host a class, let me know! They also just a great excuse for a girl's night! :)

7. Earn a $50 dollar paycheck from Young Living for EACH friend you share with and help grab a kit. 

This is obviously an idea for after you've purchased the kit, but a pretty awesome perk! You can earn a $50 paycheck for each friend you share Young Living with and who buy a kit! You don't have to send spammy messages to everyone you've ever met, or even have a social media presence. Just share what you love, and would share with friends anyways!

What's in the Premium Starter Kit?

12 Essential Oils
2 Packets of Ningxia Red
1 Hand Purifier
1 Bottle Thieves Spray
2 Roller Ball Attachments

Let me know if you have any other ideas! I'd also love to talk with you more if you have any questions about these ideas, or what we've tried.

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