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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Baby Skin

Maybe its kind of odd to talk about baby skin and rashes, but hunting for a good solution for your babies can be agonizing. It was for me. So, I kind of wanted to shout it from the rooftops when I found skin care that worked for my sensitive babies. I don't want anyone who is searching to go through one more sad day of trial and error.

My babies have extremely sensitive skin. Like EXTREME. They break out from anything and everything. I am similar, so we know where that came from. :P It's hard when babies are so tiny and fragile and you don't know what is causing irritation! The most heart breaking thing has been diaper rashes. We try to change them as soon as we know they have a dirty diaper, but they rash within a minute or two. Like awful, makes me want to cry raw rashes. All of our friends, family, and nursery volunteers at church even know this and keep an eye out (or should I say nose) around our girls.  We've checked them out and ruled out food allergies, so at least we know its nothing serious. That's just the skin my baby girls have.

We have found some strategies to help such as cutting out citrus which is too acidic for their skin, changing immediately, finding a good diaper brand, and using cream preventatively. Our pediatrician recommended that we stop using anything on our babies' skin that includes "fragrance".

Fragrance can be any number of thousands of ingredients, and companies are not required to disclose what the fragrance is made up of. I started looking around for a clean skincare line for my babies. I also tried countless diaper creams on the hunt for one that would soothe a rash, promote healing, and not burn like crazy when I applied it. It is heart breaking to change the girls when they have a rash and the wipes or cream hurt even worse.

We finally discovered the Seedlings line from Young Living, and it has been life changing. I know there are bigger issues in life than rashes, but for a mama's heart, anything that keeps my baby healthy and happy is a hero! Here are some of my favorites...

Seedlings Wipes

I understand the alcohol in wipes is there for fast drying and to keep little bums from being wet and further skin irritation. However, the alcohol is so painful on a rash. These wipes are alcohol free and include oils that are soothing like lavender. I have found that they leave the skin dry quickly too. They smell great too! I like to use them to wipe food off faces too. Wipes with alcohol can dry out baby faces and my kid's absolutely hate it!

One of the best things about this skin care line all the other uses for the products that have nothing to do with babies! The wipes are great for minor cuts and as itch relief. My favorite is how amazing they are as makeup remover wipes!

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream

This is crazy good! Joslynne used to scream bloody murder if we put cream on her during every single diaper change. It was so sad! We tried multiple ones. Even ones that were supposed to provide numbing and relief. Now, she asks for this cream. It is soothing, powerful, effective and doesn't sting. We keep a tube in multiple places now, and never leave the house without it.

Are you ready for this? This diaper rash cream is awesome under eye concealer! Haha, crazy, I know! I didn't believe it. Then I tried it the other day, seriously. Goodbye dark circles! ;) Also, tried this on an owie, and BAM it was so helpful!

Seedlings Baby Lotion

My babies break out even from most popular "sensitive" moisturizers. I want something gentle and actually helpful for my sweet girl's new skin.  This has been perfect for Elaina. It has worked well to prevent dry patches and we've had no breakouts! I love that it has calming oil like lavender included, so it's great to apply as part of our bedtime routine.

I use this on my sensitive skin as well! Works great after shaving too!

DIY Diaper Cream

Once the Seedlings Diaper rash cream worked so well, we don't ever want to be stuck without it. Joslynne moves things around the house like its her career, so there's always something mysteriously missing for a few days. I made a jar of diaper cream myself to have as back up and never move from the nursery. I think it will also be wonderful for prevention and help our tubes for on the go last longer. This is a new idea we just started trying, so I'll report back on how it works! Recipe below:

DIY Diaper Cream

1/2 cup coconut oil
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 Drops Gentle Baby Essential Oil

My mama heart is so thankful for tools like this and the peace of mind that I'm putting safe gentle  products on my babies' little bodies.

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