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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I put my phone down, and here's what happened

This is something that's been going on behind the scenes in my life for a while. It has been huge for me, so I just wanted to share!

The internet has been a great resource to communicate, find inspiration, life hacks and solutions, to make my art business profitable, and creative outlet. However, there's also a lot of noise to navigate through. It all started to feel like somewhat of a creative inhibitor and I just felt a nudge to take a pause. So, I put my phone down. And didn't pick it back up except for certain times of the day.

I felt happy. Like happiest I've been in a really long time.

I saw more of my baby's smiles. 

My toddler started behaving better.

I played with my babies more.

My husband and i became a better team.

I started actually enjoying my home, decor rather than feeling discontent and needing more.

I suddenly loved my clothes, and knew what to wear. 

My house stayed cleaner and more organized.

I started meeting my goals.

I slept better.

I found time to spend with God.

I felt confident, valuable, and capable.

I started to exercise regularly.

I stopped stress snacking because I started dealing with the stress.

I had more time.

I became more productive.

I had more creative ideas.

I had a direction.

We established a routine.

I know it seems crazy that so much could change just from less time looking at a screen. But, mindlessly scrolling is not just a time suck. Along with its ideas and encouragments, the internet and social media bring constant peer pressure, comparison, unwarranted advice, and differing opinions into our hearts and minds. Its a lot to process. But since we usually scroll the internet when we are tired or looking for a break,  we don't process it all. We end up just filling our minds with an overload of information. It's been amazing to see what a taking a break and filling time, heart, and mind with truth, more real moments, and the people in front of me has done!

 Don't get me wrong, I love that we can find a community of like minded friends here. And, I'm not going anywhere. ;) It's just something I felt the need to monitor in my life.