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Friday, April 13, 2018

Summer Staple Dress for all "4" Trimesters

The 2 hardest things I've found when it comes to maternity clothing is finding pieces that fit well and are flattering for the entire pregnancy, as well as what to wear for dressier occasions during the "4th" trimester.

There are many pieces I've found that I love during the first half of pregnancy when that bump is small and cute, but then by the end, everything seems too tight, too short and uncomfortable. It's such a temporary season in our lives, but going months without comfortable clothes and the ability to still feel pretty can be can be pretty disheartening. I feel like having a few items in your wardrobe that I can still feel confident and functional in, give me the encouragement I need to hang in there during the last stretch of a growing bump and anticipation for the baby's arrival!

This dress I found at Figure 8 Maternity is so comfortable and cute, but definitely also has room for me to wear it through out the entire pregnancy. I will be living in this during my hot summer months 3rd trimester for sure!

The other challenge can be dressing up once you have the baby and your body hasn't gone completely back to normal yet. After Joslynne was born, I kind of felt like hiding and avoiding anywhere I'd have to wear something besides yoga pants. My waistline wasn't ready for most skirts, but many dresses are impossible to nurse in! A maternity dress that is nursing friendly is just right! Another point for this dress. ;)

Pregnancy is a temporary stage of life, but one that comes with so many changes for a woman not only physically but also emotionally and even logistically. With so many moving parts and unknowns, I am a firm believer that feeling great, and taking the anxiety out of getting ready during pregnancy makes such a difference!

This post is sponsored by Figure 8 Maternity. All opinions are my own. 

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