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Monday, March 26, 2018

Meaningful & Practical Easter Basket Gift Guide for Toddlers


Bunny Toys




Bunny Ears


Bunny Hat

Bunny Treats

We love giving Joslynne meaningful gifts that will last forever or become keepsakes for holidays! Easter is one of my favorite times of year too, so making her a basket of treats is so fun to me. 

I compiled some ideas while I was shopping this year for special gifts and also some practical things we needed anyways! I linked girl items since I was shopping for Josy, but most of these sites have boy versions of the same items. ;)

Swimsuits: I remember receiving a swimsuit as a little girl from my mom for Easter, and I just loved it and always remembered that day! We will need one soon anyways, so its a fun addition to a little girl's basket. Hope & Henry is a gorgeous children's clothing line that is new to me and available on Amazon! 

Bunny Stuffed Animal: Sweet bunny toys are some of my favorite types of stuffed animals. 

Sandals: We started the tradition of buying sandals for Josy at easter time last year. Its the perfect time of year to stock up! ;)

Books: Books are always a good idea! I love taking the opportunity to show Josy how different cultures do things like in Rechenka's Eggs

Sunglasses: Josy is getting to the point where she'll keep sunnies on if the sun is in her eyes while we're out and about! 

Bunny Ears: Obviously! ;)

Necklaces: Our little one absolutely loves dressing up and borrowing necklaces, so we're starting to build her own collection. 

Bunny Hats: Now's our chance while Jos is little to put her adorable floppy eared hats. :P

Organic Treats: Joslynne's absolute favorite thing on earth to eat is Annie's Fruit Snacks! Haha But, I love that they don't have things like corn syrup, so that's what we'll fill her eggs with instead of candy.  

What are your favorite Easter goodies? 


Thursday, March 22, 2018

10 Tips: What to Wear for Photo Shoots

10 Tips: What to Wear for Photo Shoots
A lifestyle Photographers perspective.

Hi! I am Elissa Egan lifestyle photographer here to help you decide what to wear on your next photo shoot. Deciding what to wear can be very tough. Especially if you are deciding for the whole family. But remember you are the most interesting, beautiful spectacular thing in the photo! It’s tough to decide but here are some do’s and don’ts for wardrobe that will help your photos look even better!

                  1.  Don’t be afraid of form fitting clothes 
         We typically tend to believe "if I hide my stomach under a baggy black shirt no one will see what I'm trying to hide" - but the truth is if it'll translate you looking formless and kind of like a blob so I'd encourage you to find something a little more form fitting. 
(Peplum tops are great if you're insecure about your torso they'll show of perfect your curves!

2. Where to wear your Jewelry
      If you wear a long necklace that goes down to your waist the eyes will be drawn to your middle instead of your face - So just be aware that when you wear a simple necklace on your neck it tends to draw the eyes up to your face. Try and avoid heavier jewelry like really chunky necklaces or bracelets that could take away from you - which is what we really want to see!. 

3. How much skin is too much?
      Just be aware - where the skin is showing most eyes will be drawn to. Personally I like timeless "modest" outfits (especially for family portraits).  A nice scoop neck points the focus to your face while a crop top might draw the attention to your torso. 
(but if you are going for an edgier look go ahead and talk to your photographer and get their advice. That's the fun thing about photography there's so much you can do. You can use creative license with photography - the world is your oyster!) 

4.   Simple is best and most timeless
      Prints can be fun and exciting but just be cautious with over doing it. Sleek and simple are typically what I sway my clients to wear for family sessions - but have fun with it! (again.. it's your oyster ;))

 5. Try and avoid logos 
When prepping my clients for a shoot I recommend not wearing big logos people won't be so focused on your  brand name shirt which could take the focus off of you.  
(Funny Story: My Husband has senior photos and he wore a white shirt with HUGE printed HOLLISTER logo up and down his shirt and baggy ripped jeans- to this day I won't let it go.... and never will.... haha!

6. Don't be afraid of lines (but be cautious)
  What I mean by that is - there are some necklines and slits of a skirt that can really help draw attention to your figure. You don't have to show no skin but with a modest approach the lines of your outfit can help promote your physique. (Lines that can slim the figure are vertical; lines that can widen figure are horizontal)

7. Keep makeup natural
      Portrait photography (especially family photography) it's better to be natural and just enhance your beauty rather than hide it. 

8. Cohesiveness is Key - Not Matching to a "T" 
      We all remember those pictures of all white shirts with all blue jeans but those are dated and your group turns into a massive blob of white collared shirts and denim – there isn’t much individual style there and it can make the pictures boring.

9. Utilize Pinterest 
      Personally I love Pinterest! I get motivated and inspired on there. It's like browsing magazines or having an art gallery in your phone. Not only is Pinterest great for those reason, but it is also great because you can find some outfits and ways to coordinate your outfits. There are so many great Pinterest graphics for finding your perfect outfit!

....LAST but not least... 
10. Ask your photographer - it is our job help :)
      If you doubt anything about what to wear go ahead and ask you photographer. It's our job to help you with our creative eye and there's a reason you chose your photographer because you like his/her eye or aesthetic - utilize it! 

Hope those tips help! And remember let loose and have fun on your next shoot :) It's so special -you're capturing time and memories that are fleeting!

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