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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Rent the Runway

This month I got to attend my cousin's gorgeous wedding at the Muse Farm in Breman, Georgia! It was a beautiful day and the venue was just perfect. I tried Rent the Runway for the first time and LOVED it!

Rent the Runway is an online one stop shop to rent clothing and jewelry for any event. I have been wanting to try it out and this was the perfect opportunity! I loved getting to wear a new dress without having to go out and buy one. Rent the Runway sends you 2 sizes of your dress, you get to keep it for 4 or 8 days, and just drop it by a UPS store when your event is finished! 

What I loved about the experience:
  • The site has countless dresses to choose from and helpful filters like body type and event type to use. 
  • You can read tons of reviews for each dress complete with photos and size, height and body type of others who have rented it. 
  • The dresses come in a garment bag on hangers so they are in great condition ready for the event.
  • Rent the Runway takes care of dry cleaning. You just drop the bag off with the already prepaid shipping label at your nearest UPS store! Easy!
  • You can rent a back up style dress! I loved my first choice in dress, but getting a second style puts your mind at ease that you will have options incase the first dress doesn't fit as hoped. 
My Tip: The only thing I would recommend when renting a dress is to bring a couple shoe options. Its easier to decide which shoes work best with a dress once you can try it on in person! ;)

I loved not having to stress about to wear to the wedding, especially while traveling! My sister also rented her dress from Rent the Runway and looked amazing! 

You can get $30 off your first rental by clicking on this link!


Monday, November 20, 2017

Under $55 {+ a Group Gift Idea} Christmas Gift Guide for Him

I feel like the guys in our lives are the hardest to shop for sometimes! If you don't know much about the specific tools or equipment their hobbies involve, it can be hard to buy exactly what they like. To be honest, Wes usually has an idea of what I'm getting him because he sends me links to the tools or hunting gear he wants. ;) I try to get him a little something that is a surprise as well. ;)

I rounded up some Christmas gift ideas that could fit any kind of guy! I have seen several of these products before, and love these shops. Meaningful and personalized gifts are always winners for dads, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, or friends!

Almost all of these ideas are under $55! The exception is the Watercolor Home Portrait. I added it in anyways because its a favorite for Christmas, and a great gift to go in on with siblings or friends!

Scroll down for product links!

I love supporting other small businesses and makers! Many shops are hold big sales this weekend, so be sure to read the "shop announcements" of your favorite shops for coupon codes. ;) 

Happy Shopping! 


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Canva Tips for Christmas Cards, Social Media Graphics and more!

My friend Elissa is here today to share more about a great tool called Canva. She creates beautiful graphics for many different uses using the site. We love how our Christmas card turned out using our family photo by Misty D Photography. Thanks for sharing Elissa! 

Canva Tips For Christmas Cards, Facebook Posts, and more!

Why I use Canva?
Because it's simple and easy.
They give you tons of free templates!
AND it's completely customizable.

Things to know about Canva:
When using a template, the photos tend to be more difficult to edit/insert/resize.
Be aware that some templates, photos, and elements are not free but they have (in my opinion) enough free templates to choose from to help promote business!

Tip #1: Take time to explore Canva’s options 
You can make elements, adjust photo trancparency, resize, and edit/add filters. There are so many options to choose from it’d be great for you to take time to explore before you dive in

Tip #2 : Working with Layers
You’ll often find yourself having a hard time grabbing the furthest back layer. If this happens I’d
suggest bringing the back layer forward to edit and than push it back when you are finished.

Tip #3 : Have a Game Plan
After you are comfortable with Canva, have an idea of what you are going to do before you start. Canva is fun to play around with but there are so many options you can easily get caught up in switching the fonts, colors ex. – and that could potentially waste time if you’re trying to market.

Tip #4: Upload your own personal photos
 I would recommend doing this to add a personal touch but they do have a great search engine if you need to use some or add layers!

Tip #5 : Simple is always best 
Reminder of tip number 3, you can get caught up in all that Canva has to offer that you might make your graphic too noisy – I would recommend trying to keep your graphics simple and to the point.

If you are looking for an easy program to help market yourself without having to pay - I would highly recommend checking out Canva.

You can find Elissa and her gorgeous photography work on Instagram and Facebook!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Under $50 Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Wes and I have had so much fun buying gifts for Joslynne so far! Especially now that she is old enough to play with toys and enjoy them! :) Our goal has been to choose gifts for her Christmas and birthday presents that are meaningful, timeless and will last for many years. We'd love for her to have some heirlooms to keep into adulthood to remember and also pass on! 

We have ordered or made ;) several of these gifts for her and love them! So, if your in the market for Christmas gifts for your niece/nephew, child, or grandchild, we wanted to share ideas we love. Each of these products is $50 or below!

Floppy-Eared Crochet Bunny
Personalized Wooden Handmade Swing
Wooden Toy Camera
Watercolor Initial
Personalized Apron
Personalized Child's Stepstool
Waldorf Rainbow Wooden Peg Dolls
Personalized Story Book
Handmade Plush Doll
Bow and Arrow Set
Wooden Owl Toy
Unicorn Embroidery Hoop
Personalized Bucket List