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Friday, June 23, 2017

How To: Refinishing an End Table with Glass

We have been slowly adding items to our guest room as we find them. There were a few essentials especially that we wanted to have for family who stayed a little longer when Joslynne was born. :) One of those was an end table or night stand.

We found this one at a yard sale for $2! It was kind of a beat up stained wood and had a glass top. I went with white chalk paint so we could paint right over the wood without sanding it. I didn't love the glass top the way it was, it just didn't seem to fit the room. So, I decided to treat it as a frame.

Adding something under the glass on a table or nightstand can add color or decor to a room and take the glossy transparent feel of the glass away from a piece if its not working for you!

Watercolor can be a great way to relax, so have some fun with it and display your work!

The Process:

1. Carefully remove the glass from the table and lay it on top of a sheet of watercolor paper.

2. Using a pencil, lightly trace around the glass.

3. Lift the glass and trim the paper to the correct size using scissors or a paper cutter.

4. Paint your watercolor design and allow it to dry.

5. Once the paper is dry, lay it down in the cut out of the table. For reinforcements, add a small piece of double stick tape in each corner of the top of the paper.

6. Carefully lay the glass on top of the paper and tape. Press it down until it is flush with the table.

I decided to do a watercolor painting that fit into the room's color scheme, but there are a few different ways to fill in the glass!

Marbled Paper: There are several DIY tutorials out there on how to marble paper with paint and shaving cream like this one. It would be a fun project and give you a great piece of abstract art add under your glass top!

Pretty Wrapping Paper: I always see gorgeous wrapping paper at Paper Source, but never know what I'd use it for. This would be a perfect excuse to pick out a pretty sheet, and a quick way to fill in the glass.

Printable Quote: There are so many sweet printable quotes available for download. There are tons on Etsy, and many designers have libraries you can subscribe to and often freebies! ;) One of my favorites is French Press Mornings. Just print off your quote and use the glass on the table as a frame!

Welcome sign and Wifi Password:  I love the idea of a welcome sign that includes the wifi password for guests in the guest room. Just make a cute sign and slide it under the glass so your guests have the info and don't even have to ask you late at night! :)

There you have it, a simple way to dress up your glass top furniture that can be switched up anytime you'd like!