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Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY Floral Initial Class

A few ladies at a sister church in our town asked me to do a DIY class with them for Mother's Day. My favorite Mother's Day project is the Floral Initial I shared here, so that is what we made in the class. We had a great time and each initial came out beautiful! I love seeing the individual styles each initial had even though everyone picked from the same flower bar. :)

Each person received a card outlining how many of each size flower they would need, then they chose the assortment themselves!

The color combinations everyone came up with were lovely!


I ended up making an "I" to give as a gift. :)

This was such a sweet group of ladies. I'm so glad they invited me, I had so much fun!
You can check out the Floral Initial tutorial here.



  1. How fun! I can't wait for our class. :)

  2. Hey! i know these ladies and I had no idea they had done this with you! Mom never mentioned it! I shall have to ask her where she hung that beautiful letter!!! Good work sharing this beautiful project!!! <3 it!