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Friday, October 2, 2015

Wedding Invitation Envelope Addressing

Last wedding season,  I had the opportunity to address wedding invitation envelopes for a friend I worked with. The invitations she designed herself were gorgeous! I loved the sophisticated simple style she chose for the addresses. 

Invitations are one of the first aspects of the wedding that your guests will see. They really set the tone for your big day! Hand addressed envelopes emphasize the significance of each guest's presence as you tie the knot. Everyone loves getting personal mail, and seeing their names in pretty writing just makes friends and family that much more excited to share this special time with you! 

How Custom Envelope Addressing Works

When a bride contacts me about envelope addressing, we talk about her vision for the font color and style. I look at a few images of styles she likes that are either sent to me or on Pinterest, then I design a proof for the bride to approve. 

Once she has her envelopes, the bride will send them to me with 10-15% extra incase of smudging/ink splattering and a full guest list with names and addresses. Processing time is approximately 3-4 weeks from the day I receive the envelopes depending on the quantity to be addressed. Once the envelopes are addressed, I send them back and they are ready to be stuffed with a lovely invitation and sent out!

If you are interested in envelope addressing for a special event coming up, contact me at!


  1. These are gorgeous, Jacq!!!! :)


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