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Friday, May 22, 2015

Welcome to Utah Guest Bag

We are having several guests this summer who are visiting Utah for the first time. Its hard to bring everything you might need for all scenarios while traveling, especially when you are unfamiliar with the location. So, I decided to create welcome bags for our guests with things that might be useful during their visit to our lovely state. 

I went with bag instead of a basket since bags can be folded up without taking up space, and can be reused. I added Utah to the front to make the bag a keepsake of the visit!

You will need:

Burlap Tote Bag (I found mine at Joann's)
Printed outline of your state
White Craft Paint
Paint Brush

1. Place the outline of the state inside the bag and center it. Its hard to see in the photo, but you will be able to see the outline through the burlap. 

2. Trace the state outline on the burlap. Add a heart to mark your area of the state. :)

3. Keep the outline in the bag so the paint doesn't bleed through the bag. Paint the state with a couple coats of craft paint. 

4. Once the paint dries, remove the outline sheet of paper and fill the bag with goodies your guest might need. 

For our Utah guests, I fill the bag with:

Chocolate because, of course :)
Lotion and Detangler since its so dry here
Water and Tylenol just in case of Altitude Sickness
Snacks because sometimes you get the munchies
Lavender Soap with its soothing qualities after traveling

Add a vase of flowers and fill your bag with goodies your guest might not have thought to bring to your home! 
For those in Utah, we also have been trying out a diffuser in our guest room with essential oils such as "Breathe" to help with the altitude change. :)

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