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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How To: Cloth Backdrop

With wedding and shower season in full swing, I thought I'd share a simple project that can really make the difference in decorating for an event. A cloth backdrop is the perfect way to add color and/or to a large room, spruce up less appealing space, or provide a photo booth back drop!

At our wedding, we used a cloth backdrop to cover up a hallway at front of our reception room. It also created a more dramatic entrance for the wedding party since there was not a door there, and acted as a pretty backdrop to the sweetheart table. 

You will need: 
3 yards each of 4 different solid colored cotton fabrics. Note: This could vary depending on the height and width of your wall or doorway. 
1/2'-3/4" Thick rope or cord approx. 18" longer than the width of your wall or doorway.
Measuring Tape
Fabric Scissors

1. Measure the height and width of the wall or doorway you the backdrop will cover before purchasing fabric. We used 3 yards each of 4 colors of cotton fabric--a mixture of shiny and flat textures. Our doorway was 98" long and we had a few inches for tying the strips as well. 

2. Unfold and layout the first piece fabric. You will be cutting into the shorter side of the fabric, making each strip 3 yards long (or as many yards as you purchased.) Measure and make an 1.5" cut into the fabric every 3". 

3. Starting at the snip you made in the fabric, carefully tear the fabric into long strips. The fabric will actually tear evenly and create a nice effect to the edges! Repeat with all 4 fabric colors. 

4. Lay out the fabric strips on the ground in the desired pattern. Cut off any loose strings. Lay the cord or rope across the top of your strips.  

5. Tie each strip to the cord. I left about 1.5" of each strip above the cord. Spread the strips evenly across the cord. 

6. Cut the bottom of the strips to be the same length, or stagger different lengths if desired. To store until use, fold the backdrop over a hanger and hang to keep from tangling. 

I tied my cord to 2 nails to hang the backdrop. A tension rod can also be used in more narrow doorways!

Wedding photos by Paige Overturf

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