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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How To: Monogrammed Embroidery Hoop

Wreaths can be pretty pricey, so this Spring I went with a different style for my door that cost less than $10! A monogrammed embroidery hoop is simple to make and does not require many materials. 

You will need:
1/4 yard of burlap
8.5" Embroidery hoop or larger if desired
1" wide ribbon of desired color (I used approximately 36")
Print out of desired capital letter in Times New Roman
Acrylic or Craft paint to match ribbon
Paint Brush

1. Print your initial out as a 4x4" Times New Roman capital. I just Googled an image of mine. Another font can be used if desired as well. 

2. Place the burlap centered over the letter, and trace the outline with a sharpie. 

3. Fill in your outlined initial with paint. Be sure to paint over the entire letter to cover the sharpie outline. The paint will bleed through the burlap so keep a sheet of paper underneath. I painted about 3 coats to create a vibrant color. 

4. Once the paint dries, center the back portion of the embroidery hoop underneath the burlap. 

5. Prior to securing the front of the hoop, tie the ribbon in a bow around the hoop, but leave about 8" of slack to hang the hoop.

6. Slide the bow down to the top of the hoop, leaving the slack above the bow. Then, loosen the fastener, press the hoop down over the burlap, and tighten. Be sure to pull the burlap taut and keep the initial centered. 

7. Turn the embroidery hoop over and cut off the excess burlap. Finally, hang on your door!

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