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Friday, February 13, 2015

How To: XO Earrings

I've had my eye out for a pair of  "XO" earrings for Valentine's day, but haven't seen any, so I decided to make some. :) 

You will need:
Gold Spray Paint
Glossy Sealant
1 package 1" wooden X's
1 package 1" wooden O's
1 package earring backings
Hot Glue Gun

1. For a pair of earrings, you will need  1 X and 1 O. I found packs of 4 in the wood section of Joann Fabrics. Spray paint both sides of your letters with at least 2 coats on each side. Let dry in between coats. 

After the spray paint dries, add a coat of glossy sealer to add some shine!

2. Once your letters dry, its time to glue your backings on. Choose which side you'd like to be the front, and turn the letters over. Use a dot of hot glue to secure one backing to each. Add your backing to the top of the letters in a spot that will not show through to the other side. Be sure your glue is very hot, or the backing will peel off easily. After your glue dries, you are done! 

These also make a great little gift for your girlfriends!

I am excited to dress up for a lunch date on Saturday! We are going to try and avoid the dinner rush ;) Do you have big plans??

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