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Friday, January 16, 2015

How To: Baking Soda Coasters

I have been wanting to add pretty wintery coasters to our living room. During the Christmas season, I kept seeing gorgeous, white ornaments made from baking soda dough. I tried a batch and created coasters!

You will need:
Baking Soda
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet
Rolling Pin
 4" Bowl or Cup
Clear Gloss Spray-on Sealer
1 Sheet Red Felt
Glue gun
Stamp (optional)
Glitter (optional)

1. Follow this recipe from Tips From A Typical Mom
 for baking soda dough.

2. Roll out your dough on a sheet
 of parchment paper coated with corn starch. Coat your rolling pin as well. Roll the dough until you have an even approx 1/4" thick piece.

3. using a 4" Diameter bowl, cup, or mug, carefully cut out circles. You will want to be sure that your circles are slightly wider than most of the bases of your mugs.

4. Using a flat metal spatula, carefully transfer your circles to a parchment lined cookie sheet. Run your finger gently along the edges of your coasters to smooth them out. At this time, if you are planning to add a stamped design, press your stamp gently into the dough. You only need to add slight pressure, the stamp does not need to go deep into the dough. 

Feel free to gather your dough scraps and re-roll it out for more coasters. However, you will want to prevent the dough from drying out. Dry dough will create cracks when baked. Add a couple drops of water to keep the dough moist. Bake the coasters 175°F for 1 hour. 

5. After you bake your coasters, you will want to seal them to protect them from liquids. I used spray glossy sealer from Walmart. Immediately after spraying the first coat, I added glitter while the gloss was wet. Spray your coasters front and back with at least 3 coats of sealer. 

To add a felt backing, cut out a circle using your coaster as a guide. I trimmed my felt to be just slightly smaller than the coaster. 

6. Glue your felt down using a hot glue gun. Rather than adding all the glue before pressing the felt down, add glue a small section at a time, pressing the felt down as you go. This is allow you to secure the felt before the glue dries.

Christmas is over and my decorations are put away now, but winter definitely is not behind us. I will be drinking hot cocoa out of this adorable mug from a friend and using these coasters for a while longer!

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