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Friday, December 19, 2014

Addressing Fancy Envelopes

I love receiving Christmas cards! I've been so excited to check the mail each day to see what beautiful card or great photo of loved ones we'll add to our little card wall next. This year is our first time sending out Christmas cards to more than just close family.

I love how our cards turned out from Costco. The process was so easy online, and the cards were ready to pick up the next day! I thought I'd have to spend a fortune to print enough cards, but Costco's deal for 50 photo cards with envelopes was killer!

I am always gawking at gorgeous handwriting and calligraphy on Pinterest and Instagram. I am by no means a calligrapher, just an aspiring wanna-be, but I have developed an easy technique for fancy handwriting. After teaching handwriting in elementary school, I know neat handwriting can be a feat {try achieving perfect cursive on a blackboard, left handed ;)} But, the good news is, with so many different styles out there now, perfection doesn't have to be the focus!

You will need:
Good Eraser...I use Pink Pearl
Ultra fine point sharpie or acid free illustration pen...I use nib sizes 03 and 08 from Artist's Loft

1. Using a pencil, lightly write your recipient's name in cursive in the center of the envelope.


  • Form loopy letters- I add swoops to the beginnings and ends of words
  • Your lettering does not have to be perfectly straight, but think balance. If you go higher with one swoop, come back down again to keep your entire address from going up or down hill. ;)
  •  Your letters may have slightly differing heights, but keep all lower case letters generally the same overall size and all upper case close in proportion as well. 
  • Be fluid, don't try to be perfectly precise. 

2. Once you've outlined your name, trace over the letters with pen. Again, be fluid for a natural look instead of trying to achieve perfection. Erase the pencil marks. 

3. To create the calligraphy look and add dimension, go back and make all of your down strokes slightly thicker. Just a small emphasis on these strokes will do the trick. Taper in for a natural transition to the up stroke. 

4. Fill your letters in, this is where I use my thicker 08 nib pen. 

5. If you are adding a mailing address, I like to add visual interest and variety with a line of print, or a smaller size font. 

That's how I do it! No secrets here. ;)

Snail mail brightens anyone's day. Pretty mail is just even better! Your card is sure to be memorable with a little glamour. Settle in by the Christmas tree with some hot cocoa, turn up the carols, and try it out!

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