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Monday, October 13, 2014

How To: Ombre Fabric Wreath

Fall is full of everything amazing, the colors, smells, flavors. Fall decor is definitely one of my favorite styles. I decided to go the simple route for my Autumn wreath.

You will need:

12" Styrofoam wreath
Long strips of burlap or other plain neutral fabric
1/2 yard each of 5 different shades of cotton or muslin fabric. (I picked up an ivory shade at the store and chose 4 progressively darker shades.)
Approx. 200 push pins
1 1/2" think ribbon (I used ribbon  off Bed Bath & Beyond gifts)
fabric shears
measuring tape 

1. Wrap your wreath with strips of burlap and pin into place. 

2. Cut your cotton or muslin fabric into 4x4" squares. These do not have to be perfect. I used all my fabric, so 4 1/2 yards total. 

3. Begin with your darkest shade. Fold a square in half, then in half again. 

4. With folded point down, pin the diamond you've created to the wreath. It works best to press the pin straight down into the styrofoam, not at an angle. 

5. Repeat this in 2 sections across from each other until you've used all of your darkest shade squares. Don't forget to fill in the sides of the wreath as well. The back of the wreath does not need to be filled in. 

6. Next, use your next darkest  shade on both sides of each darkest shade section. There will be 4 sections total of each shade from here on out. Once each square is pinned down, turn and arrange it as designed to create a full look. Pin your squares fairly close together, but not on top of one another. The fabric will fluff out to cover holes. This doesn't need to be perfect, the goal is simply to cover the entire wreath with even volume all the way around. 

7. Continue to fill in the wreath using lighter and lighter shades on both sides of each sections until the lightest shades meet each other and the wreath is full. Leave about an inch empty at the top of the wreath. Keep several squares of the shade in that section to the side. 

8. Tie your ribbon around the blank section to create a bow. 

9. Using your remaining squares, fill in the space around the ribbon. 

Use wreath hook to put your wreath up and enjoy your new fall decor!

I am loving neutrals and plum shades for fall!