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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To: Thumb Tack Eggs

Are you loving Springtime as much as I am? I love this time of year when the sunshine comes back out, my brother and I share a birthday week, we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!

When it comes to spring decorations, I've never been much for the plastic pastel grass. I decided to try a different twist on a basket of eggs. This a quick project with very few materials!

You will need:

4 Small Styrofoam Eggs
Flat Head Gold or Silver Thumb Tacs (160-180 per eggs)

For Ombre Eggs
White Gloss Craft Paint
Acrylic Paint (any color desired)
Paint Brush
Paint Palette or paper plate

Metallic Eggs

1. Starting at the top of the egg, poke thumb tacs into the Styrofoam. Continue around the egg in a circular pattern overlapping the thumb tacs slightly to avoid gaps. Try not to lift the tacs up and re-poke. This will cause the tacs to become loose and fall off. 

2. Continue poking in your tacs around the egg until you reach the bottom. Close off the bottom of the egg with tacs. 

3. That's all there is to it! I made both gold and silver eggs. You can find silver tacs at Walmart, and gold at Michaels. 

 Ombre Eggs
1. Poke your thumb tacs into a piece of cardboard.

2. Squeeze 5 separate dabs of white paint onto your palette.

3. Squeeze out another dab of your color of choice.

4. Create 5 different shades by adding more of your color to each dab of white. 

5. Beginning with the lightest shade, paint 2 rows of tacs each shade. It will take 2 coats to create a solid color on each thumb tac. 

6. Allow tacs to dry for approximately 2 hours. Once dry, follow the same instructions above for the metallic egg. Begin with the lightest shade at the top of the egg, poke the thumb tacs into the egg row by row, getting darker as you get to be bottom of the egg. 

7. Place your eggs in a basket with some Spanish moss, and you have an basket of eggs for Spring!

1 comment:

  1. that's so cool, Jacq! At first I thought you were thumb tacking real eggs, and I was wondering how in the world you did that! haha