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Monday, March 24, 2014

Considering Ceremony Music

Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself, but for me, the music played at our ceremony was huge. Choosing the songs was one of the first things Wes and I planned for our wedding day, and one of the few things we planned together in the same state. :)

I love the songs that were sung and played. We wanted songs that shared the truth about the Lord and reflected His character. I listened to them over and over again during our engagement, meditated on the words, and even played them as background music as my students worked on assignments in class. You'd think I would get tired of them, but instead, I feel like the true, biblically saturated lyrics prepared my heart for our wedding day, and kept my mind on the Lord and the picture of Himself and His church that he wants marriage to be. Since that day, the words still ring in my mind, encourage me, and keep reminding me of our God and His plan for our lives together--to bring glory to His awesome name!

Maybe I am overly sensitive, and I know that a wedding ceremony is not a church service.  However, I strongly believe that music does have a huge impact on us and that every activity is an opportunity for worship. So, consider this when deciding on music for your wedding ceremony. It turned out to be a huge blessing to us! Because of the blessing they have been to us, I just wanted to share them with you.


Bow the Knee by Ron Hamilton
Come Thou Fount by Robert Robinson, adapted by Chris Rice
Ancient Words by Michael W. Smith
Enough by Chris Tomlin

 Surrender All by Sovereign Grace

Behold our God by Sovereign Grace

It was Love by Sovereign Grace

The Gospel Song  By Sovereign Grace and Drew Jones

Not that you need to chose our exact songs, but just to give ideas and encourage you. :) A huge part of what made our ceremony so special was our musicians who are dear friends and who's hearts of worship are so evident in their music!

*Dave Mincy of Mincy Media
*Tim Beatty
*Michael Gentile
*Keith Rogers
*Ashlyn Knight of Ashlyn's Passions

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