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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Dress

Every girl dreams of the day she will put on a beautiful white dress and be a princess. After so many years of dreaming, we high hopes and expectations for the perfect dress.

Many of us have designed The Dress in our minds and pictured ourselves in it a million times. Now, the task of finding that perfect gown of our mind's eye. To me, this is one of the most important tasks of wedding planning.

It can also be difficult because of all the expectations we go into dress shopping with. I was convinced that I would walk down the aisle in a one shoulder dress. When I tried on the gown I had had my eye on, it just wasn't the one. 

Well, now what.

For a while the appointment went like this:
too shiny. too beachy. too heavy. too expensive.

Then, it just happened. I put the dress on and I was a bride. This was what I wear down the aisle to my husband. Its an emotional and wonderful feeling when you just know.







Dress, Sash, Veil: David's Bridal 

Here are some tips to consider as you go to your dress appointment:

*Look at pictures of dresses to get an idea of what you like, but realize you might feel differently as you try styles on.
*Consider the atmosphere of your ceremony--casual and outside? High-ceiling, elegant church?
*Describe the theme and feel of your wedding to your consultant. There are hundreds of dresses and she's totally guessing what you will like. 
*Be honest as you try on gowns. This will help your consultant zero in on the style you love.
*Don't get discouraged if you don't love the first dress. You will need to try on a few to get a feel for it. 
*Don't go shopping on an empty stomach. Standing is more exhausting than you anticipate.
*Drink water throughout the appointment. Definitely helps me from feeling flustered. 
*Go with what YOU love, when your loved ones see your face when you find your princess gown, that will be enough for them.
*Know ahead of time whether your budget number is definite or more of a guideline. If it is set in stone, don't try on dresses above it. For me, it was just confusing. 
*Factor alterations into your budget. Keep in mind that hemming the length and intricate bustles can become quite an added expense. 
*You will find the dress and it will be like nothing you ever dreamed. 
*You will look beautiful! He will love it. ;)

 Have fun! Its not everyday you get to try on gorgeous white gowns. :)

For another take on The Dress, along with tips for hair, makeup, and accessories, check out Cheryl's Monday night wedding post at Thecrumbster.

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