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Friday, December 6, 2013

Some Brainstorming on Wedding Theme

 After Wes and I got engaged, I remember the first wedding planning conversations with my mom. She was so ready and willing to help, but needed to know my theme and vision for the special day. AHHH! I thought that would be so easy, every girl has dreams for her wedding day, and I thought I had a color scheme picked out. But, when it came time to plan the dream day, pin pointing a theme was much harder than I expected.

There are so many factors going into this one day, and details all hinge on each other. I think it definitely helps to have a theme to give direction to the whole operation. Not saying everything needs to be figured out, just a vision to run with.

So, I decided. vintage meets rustic. upscale picnic style. pink and burlap. Morning.

As we dove in here are some thoughts that helped me in making this dream a reality....a financially possible reality. {These photos were taken during the decorating process, hence there are no flowers yet}

*Vintage=antique. Which means thrift store finds and family heirlooms are totally acceptable. Shop through mom and grandma's basement. 

*Mismatched treasure look. Scattered trinkets are adorable. Broaches, old keys. 

*Mixing and matching opens up the option of buying vases from thrift shops and garage sales, dirt cheap.

*Pictures. Pictures Pictures. Old frames are also inexpensive and make beautiful additions to center pieces. 

*Random assortments of flowers placed around is a lot cheaper than arrangements. 

*Vintage meets rustic, including more rustic elements such as burlap, wood, unhemmed fabric etc, allows for imperfection to just be "part of the style."

*Finger foods work with a picnic feel. So much cheaper than a sit down meal.

*Brunch foods are also cheaper than dinner. 

*Lace makes everything look fancy.

*You can have beautiful details, but also be a little less formal. Groomsmen don't have to wear jackets.


*Old book pages and scrapbook paper can be used for so many details.

* is AMAZING!!

Just some random brainstorming that helped me. :)

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  1. Thanks Jacqueline! These are helpful "inspirations" for a low-budget wedding planner such as myself =) btw, your wedding looked beautiful! Any more tips you want to post, I would definitely appreciate!