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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Photo Wedding Invitations with DIY Pocket Folds

I know I have detoured from weddings for a little bit. I am loving this Christmas season so much and trying to take full advantage of the time to enjoy it! I did want to share how we made our wedding invitations.

When the time came, I began looking at options for getting invitations printed. I just could not find something I loved for a decent price. Plus, Wes and I both love getting photo invitations, so we decided on that route. 

I edited one of our favorite engagement pictures on Picnik add our wedding details. {Unfortunately, Picnik has been discontinued, so I use Picmonkey nowadays} Note: When adding text to your invitation photo, be sure to leave plenty of margin. Photos are often cut slightly differently then the preview. You don't want to lose any words off the side!

I printed our pictures at Shutterfly. Since I bought my dress at David's Bridal, and registered at Target, both gave me a $20 credit to Shutterfly. We only paid for shipping of the photos!

Shutterfly also has great coupon codes often: Special Offers

We made pocket folds to hold the photos and add an elegant, wedding-like touch.

*These are simple to make, but making anything 100+ times takes time. Definitely plan to begin early and work on a few at a time. In other words, an all-nighter of cutting, punching, and tying a billion invitations won't be fun.

You will need: 
12x12 in thick scrapbook paper {Make sure it is double sided or the inside where your photo is will be plain white}
paper cutter
exact-o knife
Decorative border hole punch
embroidery floss

1. Use paper cutter to cut scrapbook pages in half. You will get 2 pocket folds from each 12x12 in sheet.

2. Place a photo in the center of the strip with 3 inches of paper on either side. Use your ruler to fold the extra paper over the photo.

 3. Punch out a decorative border on each flap. Be careful to line your punch evenly. Also, I didn't punch right at the edge, otherwise the flaps would have been too short wouldn't cover the picture completely.

 4. Using an exact-o knife, cut a small slit, approx. 1 cm long, into each corner inside the folds where the photo will be placed. These should be cut at an angle.

 5. Slide the corners of the photo under the slits to attach it to the pocket fold. This keeps your photo secure, but allows friends to easily remove the photo to place on their fridges. ;)

6. Cut approx 20 in. pieces of embroidery floss to tie around the pocket folds. Adjust the length as needed, but be sure to start with plenty to allow you to tie a bow. 

Your photo invitations are ready to send out! I used ivory envelopes from Wal-mart to mail them off in. :)

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