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Friday, December 27, 2013

How To: Scented Wax Dipped Pine Cones

Christmas may be over, but winter certainly is not. I found a bunch of pine cones outside our apartment. Pine cones are so pretty in the snow! They reminded me of a project I learned way back in 4th grade.

These scented wax dipped pine cones are gorgeous and keep the living room smelling wonderful!

You will need: 

Small pine cones
large white candle (scented or unscented)
scented oil of choice
thin twine or string
pan of water to boil
wax paper
metal coffee tin or large soup can, emptied and washed
wooden/Popsicle stick to stir
Cutting board
sharp knife (I used a pocket knife)

1.  Cut small chunks off your candle. I used a peppermint scented candle.

 2. Create a double boiler by boiling water in a saucepan on the stove (about 1/3 full), and adding your tin can to the water. Once the water boils, turn the heat down to medium. Gradually add chunks of wax. Stir the wax with a Popsicle stick as it melts. Wax will be clear when melted.

 3. Mix in a few drops of scented oil to create a stronger aroma. I added vanilla to make my pine cones vanilla peppermint scent.

 4. Tie a 7-8 inch string to the very tip of each pine cone.

 5. Once you have enough melted wax to complete submerge your pine cones, dip a pine cone into the wax while holding onto the string.

 6. Make sure your pine cone is completely covered with wax, but take it out of the wax quickly. Allow it to drip over the can, then transfer the pine cone to wax paper.

7. Repeat with each pine cone. Below my pine cones are pictured after one dip in the wax.

 8. Allow the pine cones a few moments to dry, and dip again. Remember, to dip quickly, otherwise the previous layer will melt off. I dipped my cones 7 times to create a nice white layer of wax.

 9.  Allow your pine cones to dry thoroughly. There will be excess waxed that dripped to the bottom. Peel this off. Also, remove your strings. This is tricky, I had to snip mine off. If there is a bald spot where the string was tied, carefully dip your pine cone again tip first into the wax.

 10. Once your pine cones are dried, you will have sweet smelling, frosty, taste of winter for your home.

How long do you keep up your Christmas decor?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are soaking up family time in beautiful, quiet, Oak City.


  1. Thank you so much for his post!! I am delighted to have found it via a Pintetest search. My mother bought sone cinnamon-scented pinecones at a craft market a while ago and it smells sooo good.! With autumn just starting in the southern hemisphere now, my children and I are collecting pinecones for crafting and thanks to your instructions, THIS will be our first autumn craft.

    1. I love how these smell and look! Have fun making them, I hope the instructions are a help to you. :)

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