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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last Summer Night

We spent our last summer night trying out our new little grill! It was so beautiful out and our dinner was amazing. My husband is quite the griller ;)

I'm so excited for fall, but I am a little sad to see this summer go! Wow, getting married, traveling, and moving to Utah much to praise the Lord for! Not to mention each having 3 of our closest friends tying the knot in these last months too :)

 Wes and I decided the best way to describe summer 2013 is.....

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just Married...Two months ago

Today Wes and I have been married for two months! Wow, I can't believe it. We absolutely love being married and living in our new home in Utah! I am excited to share pictures of our last couple months getting settled. :) But, first things first, I wanted to share my favorite photos from our wedding day and give credit to our amazing photographer, Paige Overturf!



Wes and I are so thankful for such a wonderful wedding day! Paige did an awesome job capturing our special memories. She was so helpful and easy to work with! The kind of photographer the wedding party comments on how fun she was after the photo shoot. :) 

Check Paige out!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Black and White Inspiration

I would normally consider myself pretty colorful when it comes to clothes, but this summer I seemed to be drawn to a lot of black and white. Its so classic, but still fun and creative.  For me, its kind of like a blank canvas :) You can add so much with black and white, the possibilities are endless. I realized this wardrobe inspiration stems from some of my sister's artwork that has been hanging on the refrigerator all summer. 

I love these! The simple color scheme brings out the little details so much more. Here is my expression in black and white.

So now that Labor Day is over, there's that rule about no more wearing white.....

Does anyone follow that rule anyways?