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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh to be Ten

This weekend my family and I went to a Birthday party for my brother's buddy turning 10. We had a ball! My friend Sara had some adorable ideas!

Angry Bird cake decorated with M&Ms...

The cake looked and tasted amazing! Decorating with a candy mosaic is perfect for those like me who DO NOT have a steady hand with icing. Plus, the white M&Ms were Almond Joy ;)

Chalkboard paint on the fireplace creates a palette for a new greeting to fit every occasion!

My favorite part of the party were the games :)

1. Lego Creations

Each player recieved a bag of lego pieces. We were assigned an object to construct such as a....

 House * Spaceship* Robot

 All were given a few minutes to complete the task. When time was up, the birthday boy acted as judge and chose the best creation! Each round we passed our legos down to try with new pieces.

I loved our robots!

2. Lego Relay

There were two teams. Each team had a bucket of legos and a set of chopsticks. The goal was to transfer as many legos as possible from the bucket to an empty  on the other side of the room using the chopsticks!

My team won :)

Sara has tons of other awesome ideas! She shares her wonderful home and creativity at
Sara's Art* House!
I decided to go back to being a 10 year old....they have all the fun! ;)


  1. You are so sweet!!!!! It was super fun. Glad you came :) and all the credit for the rocket and robot go to YOU!!

    I love you and your family :)

  2. looks like it was fun! your blog is so refreshing! love the simple colors, theme, & layout! + great reads, fun pictures. will be back for more:) xo