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Saturday, September 1, 2012

TWO Weeks in Pictures and A Perfect Pair

I DID IT!!  I finished the August Photo A Day Challenge! It was a ton of fun....I'm a little sad it's over. I might have to try it again :)  Here are the last 2 weeks!

Week 1

1. Hole
2. Today
3. Cool
4. Home
5. Pair
6. Path
7. Fresh

5. Pair
I immediately thought of the cutest pair. EVER. My awesome friends Andrew and Cheryl! I took these pictures a while I thought that might be cheating for the challenge, but I had to share them anyways ;)

Miss these guys!! 

Week 2

1. Clock
2. Dream
3. Down
4. Tap
5. Card
6. Hidden

One more thing, today I'm linking up to Masterpiece Monday at the Boogie Board Cottage!

Boogieboard Cottage
Happy September!


  1. Oh I love your blog! What is the photo a day challenge and how do you come up with the words? It looks like so much fun!

  2. I read more of your blog and found the challenge - I want to learn more about Instagram. I was looking for the toilet roll trivet linked to the linky party.

    1. Hi Patty! Thank you for your comments! :) I just realized I linked my entire blog on the linky party! If you are still looking for the Toilet Paper Flowers, they are under my "Tutorials" tab :) Thanks so much for visiting!!

  3. Oh my word! I didn't know you knew Andrew and Cheryl! Andrew is my Brother-in-law's brother! What a small world!
    -Anna Cleghorn

    1. Yes! Cheryl is one of my great friends! And, I'm friends with Sarah...I think I might have met you during graduation week at NIU :)