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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Happy Sunday! Today was my last Sunday at our little church in Utah. It has been amazing to get to know everyone and be involved with the teens :) I will definitely miss Bryce Canyon Bible Church!

Here are a few of my favorite things this week...

1. The Book of Acts.

It has been so encouraging to read Acts and the Holy Spirit empowered the believers after Jesus ascended into heaven and how the Lord protected His church. So many were against the spread of Christ's name, yet the gospel spread throughout the world. The early believers served the Lord so boldly, and I am encouraged that I serve the same great God today! Nothing will thwart His plan :)

2. Tea in the morning.

Ahh I love it! Tea makes going to work at 6 am so much easier :) My favorite is Salada Green Tea!  SO GOOD!

3. The sun.

It is rainy season here, we have a storm almost every afternoon....which is good, we need it. But..I just love when the sun comes back out!

I'm addicted. This stuff smells awesome! My skin has been super dry lately, and Bath and Body Works has done the trick for me!!

And my very favorite thing....

5. Friends from China and Taiwan.

These guys are a blast!

I have loved getting to know them...

And learn about their culture...

And how to write Chinese...

I learned how to write Wes and I's Chinese nicknames! My writing is the second row;)

That's all! Have a great week!

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